Allison Joy Phillips

What Yoga Really Is

Yoga is the path to living your best life.

There are clear steps to get exactly what you want.

Along the way, you will become more strong, flexible and clear your mind - these are just milestones on the journey to your highest potential.

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Create your world

Authentic practice levels up your life.

I study wisdom traditions and apply the teachings to work, to relationships, to achieving optimal health and elevated performance.

My experience testing these contemplative methods in the professional world has taught me how to transmit the authentic instructions in a clear, concise way.

The goal of yoga is complete realization of all your aspirations. There is a specific path forward.

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  • 1000+ hours master training in Tantric Yoga and Meditation, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Iyengar, Anusara, and Jivamukti yoga.

  • Vessel Academy (formerly Sarva Academy), Three Jewels, Asian Classics Institute, Swan River, Jivamukti, ISHTA, Yoga Union, Yoga Shanti, Sarva Yoga

  • Bachelor of Arts - Global Studies & Spanish


Clients & Partners


What People Say

The music went so well with it. I was completely relaxed yet energized afterward - sort of taken on a journey. Your assists were strong and impactful - I felt attended to. My lower back has been suffering the last couple of weeks and that class really helped.
— CI in New York, NY
Allison Joy’s love of yoga is infectious. Along with her wealth of knowledge covering yoga’s lineage to the postures, Allison’s enthusiasm always makes for a better class. Her philosophy to ‘honor where you are’ every time we step on our yoga mats keeps her students safe while still striving to get better.
— BC in New York, NY
My experience with Allison’s class is nothing short of wonderful. Her vast knowledge of yoga, hands on assists and her soothing tone of voice really draw you in. If you haven’t done any yoga and are planning to do so soon, I highly recommend Allison. Not only will it be the greatest choice you will ever make but your body absolutely will thank you for it.
— WL in New Orleans, LA
My daily practice isn’t complete unless I’ve gone to Allison’s class! She blends fun, knowledge and professionalism effortlessly in her class and her hands on assists are like kitten paws calming you into relaxation. Allison has become one of, if not my favorite, instructors (during) the time she (has) graced our humble studio.
— AL in New Orleans, LA
Allison has a passion that will immediately envelop you once you step into her class. Allison is a great teacher, who makes all her classes accessible. She has an upbeat outlook which makes every practice that much more enjoyable. Allison’s knowledge, spirit, and commitment has contributed significantly in developing a daily practice for myself.
— CD in New Orleans, LA
Allison is one of my favorite yogis and teachers. Her dedication to all 8 limbs of yoga is incredible. Her ability to plant seeds of knowledge during class is awes-OM-e! I love how active she is in learning and deepening her own knowledge. She continues to deepen her practice, and is so willing to share her insights into yoga and life with others. I feel fortunate to have learned from her, fortunate to know her, and mostly fortunate to count her as one of my most favorite teachers. If you’re interested in working toward yoga in the truest sense, physically and mentally, and then incorporating the practice in your daily life, learning from Allison is a great way to start. Namaste.
— JD in New Orleans, LA
Practicing with Allison is amazing. Her sequencing is intelligent and well-informed. Just the right balance of challenging and restorative asanas always leave me feeling the yoga bliss.
— AP in Brooklyn, NY
Allison is exactly what I have been looking for in a yoga instructor. I’m new to yoga and attended only a couple classes in large groups before which was so intimidating. Allison took the time to explain the basics such as breathing and posture before moving on to different poses. She showed each position and also explained what you should be feeling, muscles being used and helped me to adjust to get the most out of each. We were able to spend time working on some of the basic ones which I had misunderstood from other classes and also went through some of the more intermediate ones which I hope I can work on more with more practice. Allison was so patient with me as a beginner and answered many of the questions that I had not had the opportunity of asking since starting yoga. Can’t wait to get some more classes on the schedule!
— NY in Manhattan, NY
Allison is a terrific and supportive teacher. I came to class with a mild arm injury and was hesitant in putting pressure on it. She accommodated me by changing the poses up, making it a nearly arms-free routine and my body feeling extra cared for. We did more legs and core work to compensate. I definitely recommend her as a teacher.
— MK in Queens, NY
Allison’s yoga class was unique, refreshing and educational. She created a focused space where participants were aware of the purpose of positions, accurately informed of ways to properly breathe in alignment with the pose and able to adjust in accordance with individual needs. Upbeat and energetic, the music and meditations she included created an experience I plan on repeating!
— KY in New Orleans, LA
I went to my first yoga class ever recently and Allison made it a very relaxing and refreshing experience. When she finished teaching the class and said it was the first class she had ever taught, I was honestly shocked, I would have sworn she had been doing it for years. She seemed so comfortable and in touch with the whole experience. As a beginner she made it a very easy transition and helped me with any positions or movements that I wasn’t doing correctly. She also created a very relaxing and peaceful environment in the class that made the class really enjoyable. If you’re thinking about doing yoga, whether you’re experienced or a beginner, you will definitely benefit from going to her class.
— EH in Brooklyn, NY