Reverence for Teacher


To start a meditation practice it is necessary to find a teacher. Recently, my practice has focused on vividly recalling my teachers and generating reverence for them. Many practitioners think of those who have guided them during meditation sessions as a way to feel gratitude, respect and devotion, however, our teachers come in many forms. My initial thoughts went to spiritual heroes throughout history and the yoga teachers who first introduced me to the practice. While practicing with my sangha, a teacher-in-training suggested we recall the person who taught us to read. My mother came to mind immediately.

My mother was my first teacher. She was so proud when she taught me how to read so young – I remember demonstrating the amazing feat of reading the newspaper out loud to friends and family whenever we had visitors. She taught me how to read and, before that, how to speak. She taught me how to care for others, how to cook and, ultimately, how to serve – the most important lesson of all.

My mother always inspires me to believe I can reach the highest.  My mother has always encouraged me to dream bigger and do better no matter the endeavor. She expects only the very best from me.  I don't want to be put on a pedestal but I'm not sure that's what she has done. She has faith in me and confidence in my ability to manifest my dreams, without question. She makes me feel like I can do anything and positions the impossible to seem entirely within reach. My mother has put all her focus on helping me in every way to progress toward my goals. This is so precious and so rare! It reminds me of the four steps executed to perfection.  Truly, my mother is the ultimate karmic partner.

Perhaps my mother is secretly a Tong Len master - an angel specifically on earth to ease my strife. She always rejoices at my success but also feels the pain of my struggles. She is my most powerful cosmic connection and perhaps that energetic link is the true cause of all that is good and sacred in this lifetime. She told me that I have always brought her such joy since I was born. I want to honor her by the way I live my life so ours remains a beautiful, self-renewing exchange of mutual devotion and best wishes. She taught me how to rejoice. She rejoices for me. She taught me how to love. She loves me.


Oh holy mother, I feel so much gratitude to know you in this lifetime.

To have a companion like you is the most valuable blessing.

Please keep teaching me, please stay.